Autumn break workshop

be an artist for a week


Are you between the ages of 12 and 19? Do you enjoy being creative? Have you ever wanted to transform old paintings into contemporary art? Do you have a passion for meaningful conversations and a curiosity about the vast world of art and its possibilities?

During the school break week 44, Havremagasinet – one of Sweden’s largest art galleries – offers a unique opportunity for you to participate in a five-day workshop. In this workshop, you’ll explore various painting techniques and surfaces, while gaining valuable insights into the life of an artist.

What is the essence of art? Can art truly make an impact? What does the act of creation signify to me?

Throughout the workshop, you’ll master the use of diverse artistic materials and bring your own creations to life. Following that, you’ll collaborate with fellow participants to design and work towards an exhibition set to be displayed at Havremagasinet.

Guiding you through this creative journey is the art educator, Lotta Enström.

Through art, your voice can resonate, and your unique story holds significance!

Theme: Change

The central theme of our collaborative workshop is “Change.” What does change or transformation mean to you? How does the word ‘change’ trigger your thoughts and emotions?

Do we possess distinct symbols, images, and narratives that can encapsulate the concept of change?

Through engaging conversations and creative expressions, our diverse voices and life experiences will converge to forge a community!

Don’t hesitate, sign up now and embark on this artistic adventure with us!