Havremagasinet Residence


Established in 2010, Havremagasinet Länskonsthall Boden has an ongoing exhibition program where we invite artists from Norrbotten, Sweden, and around the world. This is complemented by a lively program and extensive educational activities: We have a café, a studio to explore thinking through the materials of art, and a stage for concerts, performances, and other activities.

Havremagasinet also runs two residency programs for professional artists, curators, art educators, or researchers interested in art education and method development. These programs can be supplemented with workshops, seminars, and exhibitions for the public.

The application period is once a year, and for summer residencies, communication in Swedish is required. The program is open to individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of art educational methods or for artists interested in themes such as migration, democracy, the climate crisis, human rights, integration, and minority issues. We welcome applications from artists with a strong thematic connection to the subjects we focus on. Please note that unsolicited applications are not accepted.

Residence 2024

Alva Höggren (SWE) – June-August 2024

Alva is a visual artist working with art education and community projects.

In the summer of 2022 and 2023, she worked as an art teacher for Malmö Kulturskola’s mobile project “Kulturskolan på hjul,” (Culture on wheels) which brought art activities to marginalized areas in Malmö.

Her past roles include project management at Galleri Syster, where she developed and led activities for art-interested youth in Norrbotten.

Alva has participated in various art exhibitions, including the Råneåbiennalen, Breadfield Studio Malmö, and the Malmö Artist’s Book Biennial. She has also contributed to mural projects and collaborative art initiatives.

Alva is pursuing further studies in visual arts at Umeå University and lives and works in Malmö.

Miguel Jara – August – September 2024

Miguel Jara is a multidisciplinary artist, animator, and cultural researcher based in Mexico City. He holds a Ph.D. in Art History specializing in Experimental Cinema from UNAM, Mexico, and a Master’s in Stop-Motion from GRACO Films, Mexico. He also completed a Master’s in Plastic and Visual Arts (Video Installation) and a Bachelor’s in Pure Mathematics (Mathematical Logic) from the National University in Colombia.

Miguel has received several academic distinctions, including an Honorable Mention for his doctoral thesis at UNAM and two postgraduate scholarships. His published book, “147,” was released in Colombia in 2008.

His individual exhibitions include installations like “Submarina” and an animation retrospective in New York. He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and festivals worldwide and has been awarded various grants, including the AMEXID-SRE Creation Grant, and others in Germany and Norway. As a curator and film programmer, he has organized several notable events, including “In Xochitl In Cuicatl” in Oslo and “Intoxicaciones Artificiales” in Mexico.

He has extensive experience conducting workshops for children and youth and has taught at various educational institutions. Currently, Miguel leads Estudio Pneuma, an art animation and video studio, and contributes to Submarina MX, an environmental education platform entirely made from garbage, that Miguel started as a pedagogical approach to promote critical and empathic thinking about the environment and its subjects.

Om the project he will develop in August: The main idea of the project is to be a nomad platform of active and joyful meetings and reflection sharing between attendees, about subjects such as: what we think or need for an experience, group or place to be felt as home, but also related with moving, transits, hospitality, diversity, and coexistence. The installation that composes it, is planned to have several triggers for artistic appreciation, creative activities, sharing experiences, and discussion between young people from different locations in the Norrbotten area.

Estudio Pneuma Submarina