The Spiral Dramaturgy (31 min) – Kajsa Dahlberg

Searching for the Spiral (42 min) – ingela johansson

thursday 23 november
at 18:00hs

On some Thursdays this autumn, we invite you to HavreCine! For this occasion, we will be screening two different films: “The Spiral Dramaturgy” by Kajsa Dahlberg (who is currently exhibiting on the first floor of Havremagasinet) and Ingela Johansson’s “Searching for the Spiral.”

In the film “The Spiral Dramaturgy” by Kajsa Dahlberg, Danish theater director Ulla Ryum eloquently discusses the Sami people, Swedish film production, the north and the south, Roma minorities, circus, dramaturgy, memories, inclusion, gender, emotions, and diverse ways of storytelling.

Ingela Johansson’s “Searching for the Spiral” is a narrative about the inner journey of the “artist mother” and the attempt to, by following the archetype of the spiral, delve into her roots in the search for meaning in everyday life, which runs parallel to the deep existential crisis of the world. The artist-mother documents her movement through cognitive, sacred, and cultural-historical landscapes. Different layers of time are dissolved through storytelling that transitions into speculative fiction: Who is the one telling the story? The quest for the spiral takes her from her home in Småland to Glastonbury and Lyme Regis in England. It doesn’t take long before an internal conflict arises in the pursuit of “abundance,” a hesitation about being able to silence the mind to feel and receive with the heart.