TIRA KUNA, Amanda Piña.



30 APRIL – 15 MAJ 2022


Bergspråk (Mountain Language) is a dance/exhibition curated by DACE – Dance Art Critical Ecology, led by Rebecca Chentinell and Rickard Borgström. The project intertwines exhibitions, performances, symposiums and eco-somatic community dance. It opens up different sensory ways of approaching today’s ecological crisis – for the invited artists and the audience.

Bergspråk brings together a dance performance and exhibition by choreographer Amanda Piña with an interactive work by artist Timur Si-Qin. The dance/exhibition explores an expanded concept of nature, using the human body as an interface and tool in searching for a multi-body ecology of interdependence and trust.

The Dances and Songs of Earth symposium take place from the 6th to the 9th of May and brings dancers, choreographers, artists, researchers and thinkers from the Nordic and Sápmi regions. They aim to create shared collective experiences concerning the place and critical ecology through dance, joik, storytelling, weaving, meditation, taste walking, cooking and other somatic practices.

Participating artists

Amanda Piña is a Chilean- Mexican-Austrian Artist living in Vienna and Mexico City.  She studied painting before going into performance, and also studied Physical Theater in Santiago de Chile, Theater Anthropology in Barcelona and  Contemporary Dance and Choreography in Mexico, Barcelona, Salzburg (SEAD) and Montpellier (Ex.e.r.ce Choreographic Centre Montpellier). Her artistic work is concerned with the decolonization of art, focusing on the political and social power of movement, temporarily dismantling ideological separations between contemporary and traditional, human and animal, nature and culture.

Timur Si-Qin is a New York-based artist of German and Mongolian-Chinese descent who grew up in Berlin, Beijing and in a Native American community in the USA Southwest. Timur Si-Qin’s work is developed in conceptual, branded cycles, which serve as frameworks for his sculptural environments, sculptures, light boxes, CGI videos and other media. Si-Qin’s work is primarily concerned with the morphogenesis of visual culture and often emphasizes the the common materiality of human and non-human matter.


Bergspråk is co-produced by Havremagasinet Länskonsthall Boden and Dansinitiativet in Luleå, with support from the Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Point, Riksteatern- Dans, Konstnärsnämnden, TAIKE – Centre for Art Promotion, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Future Games/Changemaker Educations and Jokkmokk i Rörelse.


Amanda Piña.