Kjetil Berge. Ice Breakers. Still from video.

Focal point barents

7 february – 19 april 2015

In the exhibition Focal Point Barents, we unite artists from the Barents Region. With their art, they raise questions that, in different ways, affect the region in which we live and work. Questions can be gas, oil and iron ore extraction and the conflicts that arise in the wake of that type of industry, or it could be attempting to portray feelings; who are we living in this region and how do we think of ourselves and the surrounding world?

It is our opinion that art can be a power for freedom of speech, peace and democracy and that it can impact the region and the rest of the world. However, can art visualize the exploitation of the region’s natural resources? Will the new gas and oil deposits underneath the Artic’s melting ice ignite conflicts between nations? We already know that mine prospecting in the area currently creates conflicts between the autochthonous population, the international companies and the national governments. Are there similar conflicts and issues in the different countries of the Barents Region?

More information can be found in the Folder (available only in Swedish).

Participating artists

Kjetil Berge

Ivan Galuzin

Tuuli Mukka


Lena Stenberg

Anders Sunna

Kristin Tårnes

Ulf B. Jonsson

Anders Sunna. Äkta Jävla Samekonst (Real Fucking Samiart).