Om krusade örngottsband (About crinkled pillowcase ribbons), Helena Byström och Maxim, Emelie Röndahl

For all to see

4 june – 25 september


A group exhibition on the work of the hand and notions of traditional knowledge. Technical achievements, historical experiences and personal stories shape the crafts on display in the exhibition. With them also come questions about whether traditions ever remain static and what it means when they are recreated

The exhibition is curated by Maria Ragnestam.



The artists participating in the exhibition are: Æsa Saga Ardal, Helena Byström, Anna Källblad, Lotta Lampa, Christina Langert, Ammy Olofsson, Emelie Röndahl, Erika Stöckel, Ustina Yakovleva, Rönn-Lisa Zakrisson Påve. 


Lotta Lampa.