On the threshold of 1:1

Luleåbiennalen 2024

01 march – 26 may 2024

Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten is pleased to announce the Luleåbiennalen 2024 – On the threshold of 1:1. The artistic directors Aude Christel Mgba and Bruno Alves de Almeida gather artistic and architectural positions, investigating the drastic changes in Norrbotten’s built and natural environments and relating them to analogous contexts worldwide, fostering interchanges that might provide new possibilities.

The intersection between Art and Architecture is the starting point for the 2024 edition of the Luleå Biennial with the aim to address the drastic changes in Norrbotten’s built and natural environments. The artistic directors Aude Christel Mgba and Bruno Alves de Almeida present On the threshold of 1:1, which will gather artistic and architectural positions that shed light on the resilient practices and empowering alternatives emerging from contexts of profound transition and transformation. The Luleå Biennial will take place in Boden, Kiruna, Luleå and Messaure between 2 March – 26 May 2024.

Biennalens artistic leaders are Aude Christel Mgba and Bruno Alves de Almeida


On the threshold of 1:1

Norrbotten has long been in a stage of change caused by processes such as century-old resource extraction, urban development, environmental degradation, new industries, social segregation, among others. The curatorial framework for Luleåbiennalen 2024 – On the threshold of 1:1 – provides a reflection on the context and processes within Norrbotten and emphasizes its connections to other geographies and communities across the globe which share similar dynamics.

In architecture, the term “threshold” designates a place of transition, of mediation between two spaces. Colloquially, the expression “on the threshold of” means being close to a new and important development. The scale 1:1 is in itself a threshold between representation and reality, in which both have the same dimension, bringing closer the abstraction of plans to their presence in a real context. The expression “one to one” means dialogue and face to face exchange between two or more parts.

On the threshold of 1:1 therefore wishes to critically reflect on the current changes in the built environment and social fabric in Norrbotten, connecting the region to other places and communities around the globe undergoing parallel processes, in order to explore the possibilities that emerge from such states of in-betweenness – say Aude Christel Mgba and Bruno Alves de Almeida

The 2024 edition of the Luleå Biennial presents exhibitions and events in Luleå, Boden, Kiruna and Messaure – both inside and outside traditional exhibition spaces, such as on Luleå’s frozen sea, where the biennial started in 1991.

Participating artists

Andreas R Andersson (f. b. in 1982, Arvidsjaur, Sweden) och Karl Sjölund (f. 1986, Sunderbyn, Sweden)

Anna Zvyagintseva (f. 1986, Dnipro, Ukraine),

Architecture of Aroha is Berit Kristine Guvsám (f. 1986, Steinkjer, Norway), Gunvor Guttorm (f. 1958, Karasjok, Norway), Iŋgos-Máhte IŋgáInga Ravna Eira (f. 1948, Karasjok, Norway), Jasmine Te Hira (f. 1990, Aotearoa New Zeeland), Tanya Reihana White (f. 1965, Aotearoa New Zeeland), and Zoe Black (f. 1985, Aotearoa New Zeeland).

Daniel de Paula (f. 1987, Brasil)

Em’kal Eyongakpa (f. 1981, Manyu, Cameroon)

Eveliina Sarapää (f. 1976, Oulu, Finland)

Fadlabi (f. 1975, Omdurman, Sudan)

Grandeza Studio utgörs av Amaia Sánchez-Velasco (f. 1985, Spain) and Jorge Valiente Oriol (f. 1984, Spain), and Gonzalo Valiente Oriol (f. 1982, Spain)

Inas Halabi (f. 1988, Jerusalem, Palestina)

INTERPRT: during Luleåbiennalen 2024 INTERPRT is represented by Nabil Ahmed (f. 1978, Dhaka, Bangladesh) and Olga Lucko (f. 1985, Riga, Latvia)

Jenni Laiti & Outi Pieski – Čiskke-Jovsset Biret Hánsa OutiOuti Pieski (f. 1973, Sápmi/Finland) och Gánddáš-Sámmol Leinná Mihku Ilmára Jenni Unni ÁileJenni Laiti (f. 1981, Sápmi/Finland)

Jenny Nordmark (f. 1980, Kalix, Sweden)

PhosFATE its a collab between artists Mohamed Sleiman Labat (f. 1986, Saharawi flyktingläger/Tindouf, Algeria) och Pekka Niskanen (f. 1961, Mikkelin mlk, Finland).

Umeå Arkitekthögskola: Astrid Hainzl (f. 2000, Stockholm, Sweden), Blanka Ciborowska (f. 1997, Warszawa, Poland), Cornelia Kalle (f. 1998, Vimmerby, Sweden) Ebba Landstedt (f. 1993, Skellefteå, Sweden), Elsa Brynje (f. 1996, Malmö, Sweden), Felicia Raunås (f. 1995, Kungälv, Sweden) , Jonas Eltes (f. 1993, Kungsbacka, Sweden), Jonathan Andersson (f. 1999, Västerås, Sweden), Maxine Lundström (f. 1990, Ängelholm, Sweden), Molly Myrsten (f. 1996, Stockholm, Sweden) , Sara Tuohimaa (f. 1996, Sundsvall, Sweden), Tekla Gustafsson (f. 1998, Pargas, Finland) och Toms Kokins (f. 1982, Riga, Latvia).

wiklundwiklund are the visual artist Katarina Wiklund (f. 1963, Stockholm, Sweden) and artist and architect Susanna Wiklund (f. 1964, Luleå, Sweden)

All artists highlighted in red can be seen at Havremagasinet.


The Luleå Biennial is Scandinavia’s oldest art biennial, initiated in 1991 and since 2018 organized by Konstfrämjandet (The People’s Movement for Art Promotion). Luleåbiennalen 2024 is carried out in cooperation and with the support of many actors and contributors in and outside of Norrbotten.

The Luleå Biennial is a large and important art event and we look forward to contributing to the development of Norrbotten’s art scene, as the biennial has historically done. We are a platform which contributes to the local contexts and which creates opportunities for long-lasting and real changes within different areas, in and outside of the region. In Norrbotten, there are many art actors who work professionally in incredibly exciting ways and we are lucky to collaborate with many of them – says Maria Ragnestam, director Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten

Anna Zvyagintseva, The Safest place. The Rule of Two Walls, 2023. Installation view. Luleåbiennalen 2024. Photo: LKP