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meeting point boden

9 – 29 january 2016

For 20 days in January of 2016, one can experience the art created by participants of the Meeting Point Boden project. With this project Havremagasinet demonstrates how art and crafts can promote integration, social interaction and good health in society.

The project originated in Boden’s transformation from a town that was once closed off to people of foreign backgrounds to a municipality that welcomes refugees and asylum seekers. Through art and pedagogical activities a meeting point has been established between “old” inhabitants and “new” inhabitants. The participants include people from SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), “new” inhabitants who have been granted stay, “old” inhabitants aged 60+, and two groups of middle schoolers from the preparatory classes of the Prästholm school.

Beginning with the exhibitions at Havremagasinet, the participants were given the opportunity to explore their creativity alone and together. They experimented with different materials and techniques, such as watercolor, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, sketching, sculptures, graffiti, textiles, film and more. The results of their work will be showcased during the January exhibition.

The pedagogical team at Havremagasinet planned and executed the project with the help of artists from current exhibitions, who held workshops for the participants.

Meeting Point Boden is financed by the Postkodlotteriet cultural foundation and Norrbottens County Council. The project started in September 2014 and will conclude in January 2016 with the exhibition.

Workshop with SFI.