Martin Adler. Afghanistan, Kabul, 1996. Photography.


29 october 2016 – 8 february 2017


Moments is an exhibition that showcases the work of a renowned documentary photographer Martin Adler. The name of the exhibition aptly captures the essence of his photography. Martin Adler had a unique talent for capturing the eyes of his subjects, whether they were experiencing despair, starvation, or fighting in wars or displaying their human dignity and integrity against all odds. One photograph that captures this is that of a tall father fleeing through the swamps of Sudan with his child on his shoulders.

Through his lens, Adler established an intimate connection with his subjects, a silent agreement that their stories must be told. He captured the intensity and close-up portraits of people’s faces, which became a recurring theme throughout his career. His journey started in the 1980s, covering reports from Ethiopia, North Yemen, Cape Verde and Gambia, and continued until 2004 when he photographed children in Afghanistan. His photographs showcase the entire war in the faces of his subjects.

At first glance, the exhibition offers a deeply artistic perspective, with a focus on composition, light, and focal points. However, a second look reveals the deeper layer of human suffering captured by Adler’s lens.

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about the artist

Martin Adler (1958-2006) born in Stockholm with a British mother and Swedish father. He grew up in Västerås and studied social anthropology in London. From the 1990s onwards, Adler regularly produced reports, often combining text and images, from war zones across the world, which were published in international and Swedish newspapers. His film reportage was often shown on British news channels. He received many awards including Press Photographer of the Year in Sweden in 1996, the Amnesty International Media Award in 2001, the Silver Prize for Investigative Journalism at the New York TV festival, the Swedish Picture of the Year award in 2002 and the Rory Peck Award for Hard News in 2004 with his film On Patrol with Charlie Company.

Sadly, Martin Adler was killed on June 23rd, 2006, while monitoring a political demonstration in the Somalian capital. He was shot in the back from close range by an unknown perpetrator. In honor of his work as a journalist, filmmaker and storyteller, The Rory Peck Trust founded an award in memory of Martin Adler in the year of his death. The award is given annually to recognize exceptional work in journalism and filmmaking.

Exhibition view.