6 june – 25 september 2016


Pendang represents a counterpart, companion, parallel or spouse. It means a relationship, particularly a partner relationship, which could even be intimate. Pendang signifies various forms of togetherness, whether temporary or long-lasting, new or established.

The movements in art that have evolved through generations of artists and their artworks are largely influenced by relationships, impressions and expressions in collaboration. These influences and reactions are present in both contemporary and historical dialogues, where artists converse and collaborate with forerunners and previous generations. Art does not exist in isolation but is instead developed through connections, affiliations, collaborations and cooperation. Works of art appear from nothing but are the product of relations, collisions and influence, which can take on many different forms.

The cultural dialogue surrounding art is a meandering, sometimes dizzying and constantly changing process. It is a polylogue where artists converse, discuss and negotiate and where artworks interact with each other, either belonging together or repudiating one another. Through these interactions, artworks are transformed and changed, always affected by their encounters.

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Brita Weglin mirrors Bror Zackrisson

Lennart Holmbom mirrors Sven Bohman

Magnus Svensson mirrors Stig Winnerskog

Jette Andersen mirrors June “Montana” Lorentz

Brita Weglin. Exhibition view.