Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts. They Came in Crowded Boats and Trains. Still from video.


10 february – 22 april 2018


Territories is a collaborative, traveling exhibition that features five different organizations from the Barents region, including North-Norwegian Artist Centre (Svolvær, Norway), Pikene på Broen (Kirkenes, Norway), The Northern Photography Centre (Oulu, Finland), Archangelsk International Cultural Centre (Archangelsk, Russia) and Havremagasinet (Boden, Sweden). The exhibition’s central theme is migration, departures, movement and change. Havremagasinet serves as a regional art gallery and has been systematically focused on themes that intersect international concerns with regional and local ones. With its military history and contemporary developments, the city of Boden plays a central role in Havremagasinet’s activities, especially as refugees seek asylum in the town.

Through this collaborative project, the participating institutions have discovered many similarities in their past and present. For example, the region has been characterized by war and states of alert throughout history, and waves of migrants have crossed borders in search of safety or survival, making migration a vital part of the region’s development

More information can be found in the Folder (available only in Swedish).

About the Artists

The following artists participate at Havremagasinet:

NORWAY:  Kristin Tårnes and Jet Pascua

FINLAND: Minna Rainio and Mark Robert Antti Tenez

RUSSIA: NOGR (Nadia Degtyareva and Nick Degtyarev)

SWEDEN: Knutte Wester and Pilar de Burgos

Especially invited to the exhibition at Havremagasinet are the Swedish artists: Oscar Guermouche and Loulou Cherinet.

Antti Tenetz. Biflod (Tributary). Still from video.