Jan Olof Marner.

The Boden School 2010

6 june – 6 september 2010


The Boden School is the collective name for the 14 artists in Boden who, starting in the 1950s and 1960s, gathered and inspired each other. These artists came to constitute an important part of the art history of Norrbotten and laid the foundation for the active art scene that still exists in Norrbotten today. Despite their personal styles, they shared a sense of belonging in their portraits, landscapes and figures with post-impressionist elements; in the boldly drawn brushstrokes, the earthy tones of the color palette, and a kind of brooding tranquility. None of them are alive today.

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Participating artists

June Montana Lorentz (1915-2007) was born in 1915 in the state of Montana, USA, but her mother returned to Sweden with the children after their father passed away. During her upbringing in Boden, Lorentz knew early on that she wanted to become an artist.

Bertil Linné (1913-2000). As a young man Bertil Linné worked as a silent film musician at the Röda kvarn cinema in Boden. After an apprenticeship with the artist Fritiof Eriksson in Luleå, he moved to Stockholm to study art, and returned to his hometown of Boden 10 years later.

Stig Sandberg (1925-1961) was born in Boden. Despite his short life, he became one of the most influential artists in the Boden School. For two years, he had the opportunity to study under Isaac Grünewald in Stockholm, and then went on to work in Boden and Piteå as an art teacher, as well as offering evening courses in painting.

Ingvar Jigrud (1918-1994) abandoned the profession of house painting to dedicate himself to artistic painting. He was born in Åsele but lived in Boden throughout his professional life.

John Thorgren (1918-2000) was born in 1918 in Sandsele and later moved to Boden for a military career. His interest in art gradually took over, and in the 1950s, he left the military.

Rune Wanler (1924-2005) was born and raised in Boden. He was a self-taught artist and initially greatly inspired by Stig Sandberg. In his paintings Wanler depicted people, human relationships, and encounters.

Stig Winnerskog (1930-1994) lived in Boden his entire life. He preferred to paint landscape pictures, often depicting the coastal areas of Norrbotten. In his later years he dedicated himself more to interpreting and painting what he referred to as the inner image.

Jean Carlbrand  (1924-2005) was born and educated in Gothenburg. He moved to Norrbotten in the 1940s. His first job was as an art teacher in Vittangi. Interior architecture, design and illustration were some of the things he came to work with.

Gösta Näsvall (1918-1989) was originally from Råneå, but then settled in Boden. Professionally, he was a locomotive driver, which he found to be a good job to combine with his great passion for art.

Gösta Hedström (1919-2005) was born in Luleå but was a lifelong resident of Boden. Hedström made trips to the mountainous regions where he executed his paintings on location. He is primarily associated with pastel painting as his preferred technique.

Sven Bohman (1919-2008) was born in 1919 in Skellefteå, but lived the majority of his life in Boden. He worked in a paint store and cultivated his interest in art by taking courses at the Crafts Institute. He also went on a study trip to Paris at one point.

Hjalmar Rönnbäck (1896-1984) was born in Svartbjörnsbyn. He dedicated himself to art, primarily working with sculpture in wood and iron, but also painting in his spare time.

Bror Zachrisson (1907-1983) was born in Boden in 1907. He had a great interest in music and played jazz at an advanced level. His colorful paintings carried a subtle surrealistic tone.

Jan Olof Marner (1919-1989). In certain respects, he is a hidden figure in the Boden School as he never became part of the art establishment in Boden: his art is not found in public collections, and he did not create any public works.

Bertil Linné.