Åke Åkerlund

The past week

Åke Åkerlundh

5 JunE – 26 oCtober 2021


Veckan som gick (The past week), 90s and 00s
Digitally colorized drawings, scanned and digitally printed.

Harry Hjälte (Harry the Hero), undated
Comic album, drawn digitally and by hand.

Newsillustrations, undated
Ink and paper, scanned and digitally printed

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About the artist

Åke Åkerlundh, born 1945 in Jokkmokk was a Swedish sports journalist and news illustrator working for local newspaper NSD in Boden. There he produced a large quantity of illustrations, both explanatory maps and diagrams but primarily humoristic satire, caricature and comic strips commenting world politics and news as well as contemplations about the everyday life in Norrbotten.

Åkerlundh began his work at the newspaper in the 60’s where they soon discovered his talent for drawing. His drawings became a standing feature in the paper during the roughly 40 years of which he worked there.

On display is a collection of newspaper clippings with drawing by Åkerlundh. The clever drawings form an interesting historic document contain a dimension not often found in news print archives – a spontaneous and straight forward portrayal of news events and contemplations of everyday representative of its time and place. More than insight in the events themself it relays an honest portrayal of how they where experienced there and then.

Åke Åkerlund
Åke Åkerlund

Exhibition view.