Sven Bohman. Skogsbryn (forests edge). Painting.

the School of Boden in Bodensarens’homes

30 june – 30 september 2012


“The School of Boden in Bodensarens’ Homes” is the name of an exhibition featuring 14 artists from Boden. In the 1950s and 1960s these artists organized courses, painting trips and joint exhibitions, learning from and inspiring each other. Some of these artists established themselves successfully and could sustain their livelihood through their art, while others pursued different careers but dedicated their free time to their artistic pursuits. Together they form an integral part of Norrbotten’s art history. Despite facing a challenging cultural climate, they played a pivotal role in shaping the vibrant art scene we have in Norrbotten today through their dedication and perseverance.

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Participating artists

Sven Bohman (1919-2008) moved around quite a bit during his early years, due to his of his fathers post at SJ (the Swedish Railway), before the family settled in Boden.

Jean Carlbrand (1924-2005) studied art at Valands konstskola in Gothenburg, before he moved to Norrbotten in the 1940s.

Gösta Hedström (1919-2005) worked as a postmaster. He had a special liking for pastels and he often used the technique for his winter mountain motifs; a season which was a bit unusual in the landscape painting.

Ingvar Jigrud (1918-1994) came from Åsele in Västerbotten, where he was born, to Boden for his military service.

Bertil Linné (1913-2000) moved from Boden to Stockholm to study at, among other art schools, Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design).

June Montana Lorentz (1915-2007) was born in the USA. Her parents were Swedish and when her father died her mother returned to Boden, Sweden where Lorentz grew up.

Jan Olof Marner (1919-1989) at some point described himself as a connoisseur of the art of living. From time to time he worked in public relations and stage design – when he didn’t paint, which he did in a self-willed, experimental way, using different techniques and materials.

Gösta Näsvall (1918-1989) originally came from Råneå, but later settled in Boden. He worked as an engine friver for his whole life, and found his profession very suitable to combine with his great interest in art.

Hjalmar Rönnbäck (1896-1984) had, as inheritor of a homestead, his career predetermined. He studied at an art school in Stockholm, but besides that he had to wait till retirement before he could devote himself to his artistry full-time.

Stig Sandberg (1925-1961) Studied for two years under Swedish artist Isaac Grünewald. Later on Sandberg was influenced by artist Helge Linden, and his puristic, poor in detail painting in subdued colors.

John Thorgren (1918-2000) moved to Boden for a military career. In the 1950s he became a full-time artist.

Rune Wanler (1924-2005) had his debut exhibition together with Stig Winnerskog in 1959. He lived in Boden his whole life and was from the very beginning of his artistic career very influenced by the puristic paintings of Stig Sandberg.

Stig Winnerskog (1930-1994) got closer to a professional life as an artist: first he worked at SJ (the Swedish Railway), then he became an art teacher and eventually he could be a full-time artist.

Bror Zackrisson (1906-1983) was born in Boden and besides being an artist he was a skilled jazz musician.

Sven Bohman. Skogsbryn (Forests edge). Painting.