Silvertunga i en trähals (Silvertongue in a wooden case) by Sergey Basalaev.

Unique Variations

2 april – 15 maY

In the exhibition “Unique Variations,” filmmaker Tamara Sushko draws inspiration from her work on the documentary “Welcome to Autistland”. The film takes place in Boden and revolves around Dima, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. We also learn about his family’s experiences of living with a special child. Through her encounter with Dima questions arose about the conditions for creating art and how the variations in our lives provide us with unique ways of expressing ourselves. All artists participating in the exhibition have special necessities, emphasizing the importance of embracing diversity in society. They work with a range of techniques including painting, ceramics, animation and graphics. We encounter utopian landscapes where a dreamlike vegetation has taken over, images from the medieval era that serve as expressions of finding solace through creation and a film depicting the liberating feeling of occasionally transforming into a dog.

Tamara Sushko’s film “Welcome to Autistland” is screened in the exhibition and during the opening day’s film program.

Project manager: Tamara Sushko

The project is sponsored by The Swedish Institute.

participating artists

Sergey Basalaev, Tina Blom, Ivan Galanichev, Anders Marklund, Robin Sahlén, Oxana Sepman, Tamara Sushko, Valentina Svensson, Felix Swahn and Tove Söderholm.

Anders Marklund