Photo: Marcel Köppe

Imagining the North

7 SEPTEMBER – 25 September

Here are the ideas for the future of Boden and Luleå.

Collaborating with architects, artists, writers, researchers and designers, six municipalities in Norrbotten and Västerbotten have developed visions for the communities of the future. Havremagasinet is currently exhibiting the concept sketches from the four selected teams to visualize their perspective on future living environments in Luleå and Boden, addressing the question: How can we diminish the perceived distance between Luleå and Boden?

Norrbotten and Västerbotten are witnessing some of the largest investments ever made in green industry, technology and infrastructure. These endeavors demand new housing, attractive living environments and long-term sustainability. How can we ensure that current residents have satisfying living environments that can also attract new residents? The purpose of the Visioner: I Norr (Imagining the North) project, initiated by the Council for Sustainable Cities, is to bring together various creative professions to address the question: How can we create beautiful, inclusive and sustainable communities that we can all be proud of for generations to come? The teams have been present in the municipalities, engaging with residents, gathering input from community organizations and exploring the unique values of different locations.

The Visioner: I Norr (Imagining the North) project is supported by entities such as Boverket, ArkDes, the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova, and Formas, through the Council for Sustainable Cities, in collaboration with the municipalities of Kiruna, Gällivare, Boden, Luleå, Skellefteå and Umeå. The concept sketch work has been carried out within the framework of an open call for proposals funded by Formas and Vinnova, with each team receiving a grant of 300,000 SEK.

Learn more about the entire project on the Bodens municipality webpage.

The participating teams in the exhibition are:

Team Luleå: Nordic Future

Björn Ekelund, Warm in the Winter
Nisse Örnberg, Warm in the Winter
Erik Giudice, Erik Giudice Architects
Gustav Magnusson, Erik Giudice Architects
Christina Eneris, AFRY
Camilla Fransson, AFRY
Lia Ghilardi,
Lia Ghilardi/University College London
Lisa Torell, Lisa Torell

Press contact for the team: Björn Ekelund, Warm in the Winter, +45 70 334 77 39

Team Luleå: Fieldstudio

Hildegun Varhelyi, Varhelyi+Varhelyi/SLU
Isabelle Sahba, arkitekt/konstnär
Michaela Frycklund, Umeå konsthögskola
Eliot Axelsson, formgivare/BOSMAN.XYZ.
Shueyb Abshir Mohamed, Luleå tekniska universitet
David Varhelyi, Umeå konsthögskola
Maryan Abshir Mohamed, Luleå tekniska universitet

Press contact for the team: Michaela Frycklund, Umeå konsthögskola, +45 70 247 10 12

Team Boden: HallemarHejdelind

Veronica Hejdelind,
HallemarHejdelind/The Committee for the Promotion of Increased Physical Activity, Government Offices
Dan Hallemar, HallemarHejdelind
Carmen Izquierdo, Esencial
Mariano Tellechea, Esencial
Ida-Maria Classon Frangos, Landskapslaget
Johannes Samuelsson, Freelance/self-employed

Press contact for the team: Veronica Hejdelind, HallemarHejdelind, +45 73 072 72 74

Team Boden: Team TIP++

Anna Sundman, Theory Into Practice (TIP)
David Väyrynen, Freelance/self-employed
Magnus Björkman, TIP
Nils Björling, Chalmers ACE
Nils Borg, Borg & co
Veronika Borg, Borg & co

Press contact for the team: Magnus Björkman, TIP++, +45 73 647 65 94

More information about the project and its results can be found at hå