Einar Petterson. Chain saw sculpture.

Where love is

6 june – 24 september 2017


Havremagasinet is delighted to present the Norrbottens Folk Art exhibition, the result of our team’s year-long research. Entitled “Where Love Is,” the exhibition beautifully captures the profound emotions we discovered during our journey through Norrbotten. We had the privilege of meeting the artists themselves or their cherished family members, and were deeply moved by the art that graced the walls and shelves of their homes. Each displayed artwork tells a compelling story, meticulously crafted with love and dedication. Many of these creations were intended as heartfelt gifts for loved ones, while also serving as a source of income to sustain the artists’ livelihoods.

More information can be found in the Folder (available only in Swedish).

Participating artists

Wolfgang Gründel  (b. 1940) in Hirchberg, Germany, living in Gammelstad.

Asseri Vuorenmaa (b. 1923 – d. 1993) in Alavus, Finland, lived in Skröven.

Herbert Arvidsson (b. 1911 – d. 1997 ) in Rutvik, lived in McHenry, Illinois and later outside Tampa, Florida, USA.

Vilho Ollikainen (b. 1934 – d. 1998) in Savolax, lived most of his life in Ullatti.

Julia Nylund (b. 1914 – d. 2002) in Kenttäsaari, lived in Markusvinsa.

Maken Adolf  (b. 1913 – d. 1990) in Markusvinsa, lived in Markusvinsa.

Daughters Märta (b.1946), Karin (b.1948) and Linnea (d.1950) – All three living in Markusvinsa.

Alida Bergdahl (b. 1911 – d. 2002) lived in Kenttäsaari.

Patrik Johansson (b. 1977) in Gällivare, lived in Malmberget and Killinge.

Tycko Turström (b. 1931 – d. 2003) in Liikavaara, lived in Gällivare.

Arthur Lindgren (b. 1896 – d. 1978) in Moräng outside Glommersträsk.

Helga Boström (b. 1907 – d. 1979) in Haukijärvi, died at Kalix hospital.

Lisa Sundberg (b. 1898 – d. 1974) in Lauker.

Gideon Granberg (b. 1975 – d. 2000) in Bredträsk at Långträsk, lived in Piteå.

Henning Granberg (b. 1936) in Rosberg, Vidsel, living in Dartsel.

Äänt-Twintarna: Nils-Olov (b. 1898 – d. 1964) and Oskar Nilsson (b. 1898 – d. 1950)  in Långnäs (Alvik) outside Luleå.

Tekeste Salomon (b. 1964) in Korpilombolo, Asmara, Eritrea.

Sune Uusitalo (b. 1930) in Pajala, living in Luleå.

Tage Andersson (b. 1929 – d. 2006) in Arvidsjaur.

Anna-Lisa Lundgren (b. 1934) in Hedberg, living in Arvidsjaur.

Helge Sjöström (b. 1928) in Jörn, living in Ersnäs.

Einar Petterson (b. 1929) in Lannavaara, living in Lannavaara.

Tore Karlsson Vippa-Tore(b. 1922 – d. 2008) in Grelsbyn, lived in Hedensbyn, Överkalix.

Målar-Jonsson, Karl Bernhard Jonsson (b.1901 – d. 1980) in Trollhättan, lived in Stockholm.

HJK, Hjalmar Karlsson (b. 1911 – d. 1966) in Baktåive, lived in Arvidsjaur.

Assar Wallenius (b. 1937 – d. 2004) in Hapakylä, Övertorenå, lived in Luleå.

Bror Hansson, Målar-Hansson (b. 1896 – d. 1978) at Skäret between Alvik and Ersnäs, lived in Gällivare.

Kent Von Almassy (b. 1946) in Eskilstuna, living in Kalix.

Kerstin H. Westerlund (b. 1947) in Marielund in Laisdalen.

Oskar Huhta (b. 1930 – d. 2001) in Karungi, lived in Luleå.

Torsten Klingstedt (b. 1925 – d. 2015) in Gällivare.

Hjalmar Bergström (b. 1900 – d. 2006) in Töre.

Vifast Björklund (b. 1928 – d. 1988) in Jakobstad, lived in Överkalix.

Hilding Ek – Born in Jokkmokk.

Levi Eriksson – Born in Flakaberg

Lydia Öjeland – Born in Råneå

Ove Ohlsson – Born in Arjeplog

Unknown Artist – Born in Långnäs


Stig Hedlund


Hjalmar Bergström.