COLLECTIVE gathers nine different exhibitions that highlight initiatives from below, the power of collaboration and community, the strength of solidarity and care, and what could be perceived as calls for change.

What has not been built as a result of cooperation? In a forest, -or in a society- each and every one holds the other together. Living beings of all kinds constitute each other’s conditions for existence, they interweave to form an immense and continually evolving ecosystem. With this knowledge as shared source, and because the tasks we humans have ahead are monumental, we at Havremagasinet are out to explore in 2023 what is the collective work that needs to be done. What are our collective resources? what are the values connected to the principle of collectivity? What can the sharing of knowledge, of food, of tools mean today? What contexts, histories and conflicts we need to put into dialogue? And how can we, by being in the commons, build a world where many worlds fit?