Opening evening with a focus on the year's theme: Home

25 januarY, kl 18–20

Café Pampas

We invite everyone to an opening night with a focus on Havremagasinet’s 2024 theme: Home. With the theme of Home, we aim to contribute to a conversation about what makes people feel at home—in their residence, in their city, in a place. The evening includes a presentation of this year’s theme and program, a slideshow, and a talk by Anders Marner about Boden’s past. Additionally, there will be a discussion with Claes Nordmark, Mayor of Boden, about Boden’s dreams for the future. With this encounter between memories and dreams of the new, we invite you to join the dialogue!

LIFE. NOT JUST MINE.Presented by Anders Marner provides insight into the youth culture of the 60s and 70s, and the transition from a society of authority to a welfare state. Additionally, he will shed light on his background in photography. Anders Marner is a professor in educational work specializing in image didactics at the Department of Aesthetic Subjects, Umeå University. His research focuses on aesthetic issues in education, particularly in the field of visual arts. Marner has participated in several national evaluations in this field. His theoretical interests include media ecology, socio-cultural theory, and semiotics.

Claes Nordmark has been the mayor of Boden since 2018 and is the chairman of Norrbotten’s Municipalities. He is a board member of Hanaholmen, the Cultural Centre for Sweden and Finland. Claes holds a master’s degree in political science from Uppsala University and has worked as a political advisor at the Trade and Industry Department among other roles. On his father’s side, Claes is the eleventh generation from Boden, and on his mother’s side, he has roots in Bromarv, a small village in the Helsinki archipelago. Regardless of how much Claes has traveled and worked around the world, Boden will always be his home.