Amelia Panico. Photography.


6 June – 24 september 2017


Two years ago, I found the book Friendship in my mother’s bookshelf. The book was edited and produced in 1992 by Geoff Blackwell from Auckland, Nya Zeeland. I was immediately moved by the images, the result of one of the largest photographic competitions ever. The size of this “photographic event” was indeed impressive. No less than 17 000 photographers from 164 countries submitted their photographs and 300 of these are represented in the book. 4 million copies of the book were sold across the globe. We have selected 45 photographs for this exhibition at Havremagasinet.

Professional photographers, Pulitzer prize winners and amateur photographers are among the participants. The concept was simple: to find images from all over the world that capture spontaneous human instants of love, laughter and friendship. With this exhibition at Havremagasinet we wish to make visible the friendship between humans as a counterpart to a world of media that often convey the difficult and gruelling things that occur in our world.

More information can be found in the Folder (available only in Swedish).


Wahid Adnan  (Bangladesh), Fabiano Avacini (Italy),  Marcel Bakker (The Netherlands),  Andrej Balco (Slovenia),  Ewen Bell (Australia),  Víctor J. Blanco Álvarez (Spani),  Gay Block (USA),  Raniel Jose Madrazo Castañeda (The Filipines),  Mara Catalan (USA), Bijoy Chowdhury (India),  Nimai Chandra Ghosh (India),  Sudipto Das (India),  Alan Giginoux (Libanon),  Lorna Fitzsimons (Ireland),  Mark Hanauer (USA),  William Foley (USA),  Alicia Hansen (USA),  Kathleen Hunter (USA),  Thomas L. Kelly (Nepal),  Thomas Patrick Kiernan (Ireland),  Anna Kuperberg (USA),  Martin Langer (Germany),  Jean-François Leblanc (Canada),  Sam Lim (Malaysia),  Jinjun Mao (China),  Nigel Marrington (Great Britain),  Vladimir Melnik (Russia),  Abraham Menashe (USA),  Reg Morrison (Australia),  Bob Moore (Great Britain),  Amelia Panico (USA), Malie Rich-Griffith (USA),  Brian Smith (USA),  Serena Stevenson (New Zeeland),  Arne Strømme (Norway), Luis Sanchez Davilla (Spani),  Vukasin Veljic (Serbia),  Dragomir Vukovic (USA),  Stewart Weir (The Netherlands),  Terry Winn (New Zeeland) och Todd Winters (USA).

Marcel Bakker. Photography.