Photo: Mikael Olsson, LWRNTZ 01 (Workers' housing, Karlshäll, Luleå, 1911–13, with T. Stubelius), 2021. The image is cropped.

The Foundations of the Home

08 JUNE 2024 – 29 september 2024

Vernissage 8 JUNE


What is a home, beyond the purely concrete space, beyond the architecture, beyond the imagery of home advertisements? The exhibition The Foundations of the Home explores what constitutes a home in its most basic parts: material, sensual and conceptual. Centered around eight foundations – memory, space, the hearth, tradition, care, the shell of the home, the measure of the home, food –, the fundamental and timeless characteristics of the home are interpreted and reinterpreted based on practical, economic, architectural and ideological aspects. In this, the home appears both as a concrete place and as an image, in which current issues of sustainability, authenticity and security are deepened and problematized. The contributions to the exhibition cover building construction, furniture design, carpentry and art, and demonstrate how rules and norms, standardizations and language shape our understanding of the home materially and metaphorically.

The exhibition is shown on floors 2, 3, 4 and is curated by Mikael Andersson and Erik Törnkvist.

More information about the exhibition will soon be available in the folder.



KVAE & BARK is a Norwegian artist duo consisting of Karoline Sætre (b. 1992) and Øyvind Novak Jenssen (b. 1988).

Mikael Olsson (b. 1969) is an artist based in Stockholm. He is represented by Galerie Nordenhake.

Svenska hemmets studier (“Swedish Housing Studies”) is an architect and research group consisting of Daniel Movilla Vega (b. 1984), Lluis J. Liñán, (b. 1986), Oskar H. Germann (b. 1999) and Anneli Zetterström (b. 1984).

Andreas Nobel (b. 1966) & Joakim Zickert (b. 1993). Nobel is a designer and professor of furniture design, Zickert a designer and cabinetmaker. Both are active in Stockholm.

Peripheral Works is a Umeå-based architectural office consisting of Samuel Grönlund (b. 1980), Erik Karlsson (b. 1988) and Martina Karlsson (b. 1994).

Pernilla Wåhlin Norén (b. 1982) is the city architect of Borlänge.

Johan Jönsson (born 1979) is a carpenter and clay building specialist.

Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS)

KVAE & BARK’s installation was created with support from the Office for Contemporary Art Norway, the Norwegian Visual Artists Fund, and the Norwegian Arts Council.